At New England Biolabs®, we draw inspiration from the passion of scientists whose values drive them to keep looking for answers. As a company of scientists working for scientists, we are dedicated to the advancement of science and science education. We strive to provide scientific resources through our catalog and website, and hope that these tools will support your research and help you educate others within your community.

We wish to honor scientists who are devoted to making a difference in their respective fields and sharing their knowledge with others. From everyday experimental acts to paradigm-shifting theories, it is your passion for science that will continue to inspire others and drive scientific advancement.

Thoughts from 2014 Passion in Science Award Winners

  • It is inspirational to see how hard they [teachers] work and how much they care. It is so exciting to be able to help them with equipment funds, work with them on curriculum and share our work with their students. I am driven to succeed, because I know our program makes a difference in the education and life of young people.

    Whitney Hagins, Massachusetts Biotechnology Education, Cambridge, MA
  • My students are [the] source of my energy and enthusiasm. They remind me everyday why I chose this profession. I am always so grateful that they chose to spend part of their life journey with me. I want to make sure that I leave a lasting and positive impact on them and hope that they would pay it forward.

    Kalai Mathee, Florida International University, Miami, FL

What Will Award Winners Receive?

Award winners will be our guests at a celebration at the NEB campus in Ipswich, MA, USA on May 1st and 2nd, and will receive either a $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice, or a $1,000 travel grant to a scientific conference. *

Applications will be accepted through January 31st, 2019 – apply today!

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