At New England Biolabs®, we believe that the pursuit of science is one path to building a greener and more compassionate world. We are motivated by a set of core, foundational values that are still as true today as they were when we founded the company 40 years ago: the belief that science should be used to expand our understanding of the world around us; the belief that scientists can also act as humanitarians; the belief that all species, great and small, benefit when we care for the environment; and the belief that great science is fundamentally creative and artistic, and changes the way we see and experience our world.

In 2014, NEB® introduced its Passion in Science Awards, to recognize those within the scientific community working to solve many of today’s challenges. This was our chance to recognize the accomplishments of the “unsung heroes” of the laboratory, who are dedicated to their cause. We are pleased to be offering the Passion in Science Awards again this year, and invite you to nominate yourself or a colleague for one of the four award categories: Scientific Mentorship & Advocacy, Environmental Stewardship, Humanitarian Duty and Arts & Creativity.

Awards Timeline

  • Phase I

    Entry Submission
  • Phase II

    Review of Applications
  • Phase III

    Announcement of Winners

What Will Award Winners Receive?

  • Award winners will be our guests at a celebration at the NEB campus in Ipswich, MA, USA on November 3rd and 4th, and will receive either a $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice, or a $1,000 travel grant to a scientific conference. *

  • Some of the winners may have their stories and pictures featured in the 2017–18 NEB Catalog & Technical Reference due for release early next year. Applications will be accepted through July 31st, 2016 – apply today!

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Award Categories

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